East London Date Ideas

So your intending to go on a date with a gal or guy in East London but you need some inspiration… well don’t go anywhere as I have a few ideas that could spice up your life.

I have a few suggestions to break the awkward moments, something a little fun and light hearted.
I do agree dinner can some what be a tad intense, only when your comfortable with your date, you will be able to munch and chat in front of them. IMG_7570

For something light hearted and fun I would suggest All Star Bowling Alley on Brick lane. Currently on Mondays you can play two games for £10, what a bargin for anyone on a budget.
While you pretend you can’t play the gentleman can give you advice, naturally getting ultra competitive whilst flirting to your hearts content.

All Star Bowling alley has a really nice bar, with a wide range of cocktails great for a pre-drink to ease the nerves.


Once you’ve attempted to kick their ass at bowling and relised you can’t win, think of a rubbish excuse and move on to the next destination.

Now all depending on what time you start your date the bowling experience will only last for 1.5 hours at the most. Late afternoon is a good suggestion so you can spend a decent amount of time with them, plus it’ll be less busy so you can chat, flirt and not be on a time limit.


Some of the cafes on Brick lane are open until 7pm so if your there in time you should definitely suggest sharing a slice of the most delicious, moist Red Velvet cake at Kahalia on Brick Lane.
Kahalia has great service, everyone seems so humble and smiley. They serve a wide range of juices, coffees and tea’s.


The night is young so why not take a stroll to the Well and Bucket on Bethnal Green Road.
Inside the Well and Bucket there is a circular bar to sit at, order some light tasty bar snacks and sip on your pale ale or in my case a Gin and Tonic.


The Well and Bucket has great character, it’s swanky full of young professionals and hipsters. On a Monday evening, it was lively but not too busy, the decorations are edgy with moody lighting.


Why not try a date night on Brick Lane, something interesting covering all aspects of fun, naughty treats and alcohol.


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