South Bank Saturday’s


On this particular Saturday I suggested to my best friend we do something fun, touristy, venture to parts of London I haven’t been to in a while.
It’s no excuse living in London not to experience parts of London on the weekend.
My bezy and I met at London Bridge, first stop Borough Market.
Borough Market is a great place to go to on a Saturday to feel the buzz of London.
IMG_7720 2
While we gossiped about our recent antics we walked past the stalls selling fresh produce and tasty delicacies.
Now I don’t know if you know but there a stall that sells the world best Doughnut and No, that’s not just a saying its a fact. Each week they switch up their flavours making you want to go back for more.
This week they sold Lemon Curd and what I opted for was the Berry Ripple. The same stall sells a wide range of flavoured loafs of bread, rolls and anything else you would expect a bakery to sell…. Cakes, Yummy.
Niche coffee places and flowers being sold were also among Borough Market.
After having our sugar fix we carried on strolling around South Bank towards Waterloo. It was a shame the weather was a little glum but at the time that we went, which was in fact 3-4pm the tide in the Thames was out so you could really gaze at the ancient shore and get a wide view of London’s Architecture.
We headed to Tate Modern, anybody can go to one of London’s finest Art exhibitions as its free entry. Some exhibition charge you a small fee but the galleries are filled with mind blowing art. Art fascinates me, it’s lovely how you blend with the waves of the people stopping and staring at masterpieces, all thinking something totally different.
Now after all the walking our energies were running low, time for a refill.
Along Southwark there are tons of eateries some of which have a happy hour on cocktails.
Las Iguanas a popular Latin chain has happy hour everyday from 3pm to 7pm and they have a marvellous array of naughty but nice cocktails.
You can’t go wrong with a Mango Collins, although mind you my friend ordered a feminine,  rum, berry and coconut concoction which didn’t suit with his mainly posturer.
Las Iguanas has a menu to  suit every bodies needs, Tapas, Fajitas even stews and chicken where sold.
Walking along Southbank on a Saturday Afternoon made me realise how lucky I am living in London and getting all this on my doorstop.
In one day I got to Eat, Drink be culturalized hell, I even ate the worlds best Doughnut.
This is all done on a budget too, so no need to break the piggy bank. What I did on this day would be perfect date material too… Hint Hint, Just an Idea.

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