Face Of Alway Wear Red

The Face of Always Wear Red

If you have read my previous blogs you’ll know that I’ve just recently been to Newcastle to shoot for Always Wear Red a luxury accessorise brand and it gives me give me great pleasure to announce that I am the face of the Always Wear Red Brand.
Check out the behind the brand promo video to know more about Always Wear Red.
Always Wear Red launched on Valentine’s Day 2016. Here’s a little diary form video of what my day consisted of.
The pictures taken were fabulous, I loved being their model. Even if I got heated up in front of a grand fire, it gave a regal/ biblical vibe to this particular scene.
I had two lovely co models on set, one was my pretend lover portraying the element of passion.
There was an element of fun and love of a brother/sister relationship.
And not to mention the team of Always Wear Red, Michael Owen the Creator of the brand, Zoe Rocha and Ralf Little also contributing to the Brand.
Over all this was a fun day, the quality of the products are like no other selling high quality, 100% Cashmere Scarfs and Beanies 100%Silk Ties and Hanks. All made in Great Britain.
Check their online store Always Wear Red 

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