London Fashion Week in a Nutshell.


IMG_8266.JPGLondon Fashion Week was a ball and I managed to go to Two Fashion Shows, Pam Hogg and Fashion DNA as well as partying at The Century Club for the opening of The Grooming room and not to mention hosting my Hoxton Radio Show live from The Grooming Room in association with Farblack and Forward PR.
Let’s talk a little about the Fashion Shows, now Pam Hogg is renown to keeping  people waiting for her show. Running almost an hour late the show was well worth the wait.
Her designs punched, colour, studs and the punk vibe ran throughout.
There were dresses with balloon skirts, bright colours yellow numbers with different Pam Hogg slogans on the back of capes.
Pam Hogg stretched boundaries with alternative models, a short full figured female and a punk dude with bright red hair a cool contrast to the green number he worn.
A lot of flesh was also on show with see through full length jumpsuits and trousers with only suspenders, very sexy indeed.
Fashion DNA /The House Of Kamiar Rokni
IMG_8450 2.JPG
The designs of this fashion show ranged from delicate minimal patterns with metallic threads running through out.
Cigarette trousers are in and Fashion DNA showed off how you can wear bright colours in a subtle way. Pinks and Golds are the perfect collaboration for AW16.
From the elegant patterns to the Jungle theme, it almost felt as though you were at two different fashions shows.
Styles ranged from floaty dresses to high waisted trousers, short dresses and shorts were even involved in the collection.
I cannot forget to mention some of the accessories that Fashion DNA included in their show. Leather bags with Bird prints and adorable floppy hats were the perfect addition.
Now to move on to The Grooming Room, this was set up by Farblack and Forward PR, Hoxton Radio were once again broadcasting their shows live from this establishment, which was great news as we got to go to the opening party.
Free booze and celebrity faces were flying about, as well as fabulous music played by the one and only David Preshaah.
A few days later I was hosting my Radio show Live, but afterwards I indulge in delicious food and cupcakes whilst sipping on Prosecco, all courtesy of Metro one of Farblack’s brands that they look after.
IMG_8449 2.JPG
At the Grooming room I also indulged in their massage, from Oleum, a premium mobile massage service, which had to be one of the best I’ve ever had…  after that I needed a nap.
Its sad that London Fashion Week ended so quickly, but any more I think my brain would have burst from all the fashion creations.

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