Kensington Palace:- Royal Fashion Restyled


The Sun was shining bright on a chilly winters day which was perfect conditions to venture out to Kensington Palace.

Just recently my Mum and I saw an advertisement for Royal Fashion Restyled, a new exhibition within the Palace.

For £16.50 admission fee not only could you check out the royal fashion, you could also become educated into the introduction to Queen Victoria’s reign and see the Birth place as well as the spot where she was told she was to be Queen of England.

There are many stories surrounding Kensington Palace, each room has many different artefacts and interesting information making this place a fascinating establishment to visit.


The exhibition that we were both interested in was the Royal Fashion Restyled. Galleries of beautiful dresses worn by Princess Diana, Princess Margret the Queen’s Sister and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The dresses on display were elaborate evening gowns and day dresses from designers such as Christian Dior, Norman Hartnell, Zandra Rhodes and Catherine Walker all from the 1960’s to 1990’s

Princess Diana had some of the most unique and glamorous gowns which she had be worn to evening events, it showed how she could emit sexiness with a conservative feel, making it very respectful for royalty. Princess Diana, wore a lot of Catherine Walker’s Designs and you can see one of her famous designs at the back of the the 4 dress picture above. Surely we can all remember the Gorgeous one shoulder white dress with pink roses. It was such a fashion iconic dress in the 80’-90’s


There was one other Dress that caught my eye in the Exhibition, I mean they all were lovely but this dress in particular had such a wow feeling to it.

It was a dress worn by Princess Margret which would have been worn to an evening event. The style of this dress made us almost believe we were back in the times where royalty or high born ladies would only wear dresses with large skirts and a corset.

I’m pretty sure this dress did not have a corset, the way the dress was tailored allows the waist to be pulled in to show the subtly of the females figure, a hit on sexiness.

It wasn’t just the style of this dress that pulled me in, it was the colour of the print. Bold white and red stripes really made a statement, its almost like Princess Margret was saying, I know my sister is the Queen of England, I know I will always be in her shadow but lets all face it you, can see me good and clear.


After our Marvellous stroll around the beautiful gardens and grand entrance of Kensington Palace my mum and I ate at a Restaurant called Aubina A lovely little Bistro, they have two restaurants in the same area, one by either station Queensway and South Kensington.

The Restaurant was bright and airy, the service was very efficient. For lunch us ladies couldn’t resist a glass of prosecco but I have to admit I was very well behaved. I ordered the Super food Salad with Extra Halloumi but couldn’t resist a small portion of fries.

Kensington Palace is a really good place to venture out to, Its a little quieter compared to all the other main attractions around London. Maybe because Its a further out of London? or maybe its because people don’t know too much about this Palace.

The Exhibitions always change so its good to keep your eyes out for whats happening next… Kensington Palace.

Oh and just one other thing, getting to the Palace might take a bit of time walking, so I would really recommend visiting Kensington Palace when its bright and Sunny. It has so much more of a wow factor, especially when the sun bounces of the gold on the South Gate.



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