Product Review Smooth Skin Gold IPL


Hey people I wanted to do a quick product review on a wicked item I just received
Firstly a massive thank you to RKM Communications for allowing me to try out the Smooth Skin Gold. Its a brand new hand held IPL machine which is quick and easy to use with little or no pain.
I was a little sceptical at first thinking how can a small machine stop hair growth?! Forever… I’m sure I can relate to the majority of the ladies out there when we say we are used to the annoying monthly hair removal ritual. So could a portable hand held machine be so easy?
Unlike professional IPL where you have to schedule in and pay almost £50 on average per session where you’ll have to have the treatment every 6 weeks to catch the hair growth.
The hand held machine is to use once a week until you see the hair growth depleted then to continue with a session now and then… Hardly ever again, some parts of the leg there will be hair free. By using it every week it means there is no stress working out the cycle of the hair!
After 4 weeks I’ve noticed a difference it’s great! The areas have become patchy and the hair is thin.
The product has a light censor meaning it’s easy to apply the IPL onto desired areas and if the heat shock it too much there is a feather button to ease the pain. I have a rubbish pain threshold so this option is great!
The product might come up a little pricey but when you consider how much professional procedures are and the other hair removal products you buy over the years this will become a one off bargain.
Let’s just remember the Smooth Skin reduces hair forever so you are paying people for the stress free solution to hair reduction something that does make your legs stubbly from shaving.
There will be no prolonged hair growth when waxing where in grown hairs might occur. All these issues are tackled and defeated.
I mean what else do you want?? It’s less painful, less messy with less stress. All you gotta do it plug the Smooth Skin Gold in and go.
Oh P.S this machine also gives you the natural smooth skin you always dream of…

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