Friends, Family and Foes

I can always remember a wise man telling me,  “you should count your friends by the amount of people you trust with your House keys”. Keep this saying with you because as you get older its not how many friends you have but the quality of the friendship.

I grew up in a small town called Tring, beautiful little town with its individual unique features. The grand amount of countryside, woods and parks surrounding it. But, you could imagine how hellish it was growing up in such a place in your teenage years. If your parents weren’t your taxi you didn’t go out and that meant missing out on all the cool things like house parties, drinking your parents alcohol stash in a local park or even flirting with the older boys at school. If you didn’t go out then obviously you just weren’t cool enough.
Bullying at school didn’t necessary happen to the fat kids or the awkward kids, it happened to the kids that didn’t want to follow the crowd and was outspoken, jealousy was always a key factor as many of us did similar activities, fancied the the same guys and always tried to be better than one and other.
Welcome to my world, my Mum is a wise women, she always told me don’t you follow the crowd if you don’t agree to it then don’t do it, who likes sheep?
Yeah I hung around with the cool kids but that didn’t mean my life was any easier. If you hung around with the popular group it can be very draining. One day you might be the hottest thing in town and then the next be dropped like a ton of bricks.


Passive bullying has always lingered over me and not just in my younger years.I lived with a Live in Landlord once before, it must have been the worst time of my life. What a Cow! Alway being negative, I really think she didn’t want to live with any one but obviously she couldn’t afford to live on her own. There were times I locked myself away in my room, eat my dinner on my lap, sitting on my bed I was seriously miserable. Enough is enough, I felt I was changing, tip toeing around people not being the out spoken Emma I knew. I was always trying to please people, even when I didn’t want to, its hard, you end up bottling so many emotions. Luckily I escaped after a year, found a really nice new flat share and was happy. It did take me a few month before the old Emma came back and I vouched never change who you are just to fit in. London is such a busy City but it can be one of the loneliest places at times. Don’t change your personality just to gain friends. I’ve been there done that, it doesn’t work you gotta be yourself, thicked skin. The true friends will be the ones that will stand by you, think about you and care.
Being in a creative industry it’s hard to find genuine friends and let’s face it only human nature for you to be envious of their achievement but still happy for then. If your true to yourself you know you’ve work hard and your time will come so why bother comparing?
The sort of friends I keep around me are the friends I know will congratulate me to my face not the ones that talk about me behind my back. I suppose I’ve got to the age now where you only want true friends in your life not the ones that will pick you up and drop you, as soon as something better comes along. I’ve realised that its about quality not quantity of friends. Wouldn’t it be better to have 3 close friends that you can tell your deepest darkest secrets and you know they will take it to their grave.
Over the years I have become a little brutal if so called “friends” hurt me I will simply cut them out of my life, yeah sure I suppose that’s a bit harsh but when you deal with so much rejection each day with castings, meetings etc etc I train myself forget about it and move on. So why give that person the opportunity to do it again?
Life’s too short and things change so quickly, you generally have no clue what tomorrow will bring.


Its not until you get older and you appreciate your Family. The best times of my life have been with my family, I’m grateful because not everyone has a supporting family like mine. Don’t get me wrong arguments are bound to happen, it’s just “LOVE” remember that.
Like for instance my Dad complains that there are too many females in the family but having two other sisters you know they will always have your back through thick and thin. If I ever need to talk, diffuse arguments and even to relax I know having my family in my company will solve these problems. Even when my dad moans everytime I’m home because I eat his porridge, porridge like seriously?! He is one person not be around in the morning if he could he would divorce our family every day. But you know what? I wouldn’t have him any other way. Family is my life support, they make you strong.
Location Camden ( London)
Jacket Vintage ( Brick Lane)
Dress : Zara
Trainers Adidas Superstar’s
Chocker Topshop
Rings H&M
Photographer Raeesha Nubheebucus

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