Babes in the Woods

emma-photoshooting-6Well Autumn has commenced and you can feel Winter in the air, this is the time that affects most Seasonal Depression (SAD) people.

Its not some bullshit health issue just because you don’t like the cold weather it generally affects so many people in the world.
I for one am affected by this, and I suppose I feel it a little bit more since I started my new Job on Capital Xtra. I work nights 2am- 6am. I started off trying to split my sleep and have a few hours before the show and a few hours after my show but I found out that I was panicking trying to force myself to go to bed at 7-8am especially after having such a buzz while on air.
I’m starting to really look after my body you know the saying Healthy Body Healthy Mind and one of the main factors of depression is sleep. Trying being a girl with far too many hormones, when your tired you can go from one extreme to the other crying with Laughter then Hysterically crying for no apparently reason. Any one wanna explain to me why? It’s weird and i’m far from a cry baby.
Anyways getting back to it… Everyday I try and think of something really positive to do, something thats not work realated that can put a smile on my face. I love the countryside the peace and quite. You don’t get much this in London, its funny when I first moved to London I wanted to live in the hustle and bustle. I moved to Hoxton then Brick Lane which basically killed me because I had no sleep. After my friends moved back to Italy I moved in with a Landlord in Kentish Town which was mentally draining. Now i’m in a happy place living in East Finchley, its a little further out from central London but I’ll take the peacefulness over the longer journeys any day.
The best bit is I can walk to Hampstead Heath and the woods around it, Its quite its beauty you can take the country girl to London but she will always be a country bumpkin and darn proud of it.
The outfit on this particular photoshoot was a beautiful red checkered dress with a red petticoat is from Jack Wills. The Strong colours really make the outfit pop with the amount of greens going on in the back grounds.
Shoes Standard Autumn boots from Timberland, these are my go to to keep my feet warm and dry…
Every year I get anxious that Christmas and Winter is coming but this year I think I’m going to embrace it, the cold if coming so lets wrap up warm and enjoy everyday even the miserable ones.

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