10 things I would tell my Younger Self

Going with the 90’s themed style I thought to myself if I could go back in time and tell my younger self  10 things what would I say?

1. Sometimes take the easier route even if it bores you. Just because you want to be different doesn’t necessary mean you need to take the hardest route like opting for Economics and Chemistry A level, I mean come on, what were you thinking???

2. You will love and love again, even if  you think every boyfriend is the one. It’s not, just enjoy being in the moment. Don’t be scared to wear your heart on your sleeve.

3.Don’t stress man, getting your dream job first time without rejection is like winning the lottery highly unlikely. Embrace the journey, the ups and the downs. You will get knocked down hundreds of times but you will grow a thick skin. You are resilient.
4. You will argue with your sisters, scream shout and have some very vicious cat fights. But they will always have you back regardless. They will  be there to pick you up when you are down or have tears. Oh ps keep your mouth shut… who ever screams loudest will get a clout from the Mother bear. Learn to be a creep.;)
5. Go to University single and enjoy every moment of it. You’ll miss the easy life when you leave. Piss it up in the 1st then get your head down and work hard, don’t do it the opposite way round… Oh and Cheerleading is a sport and you’ll love it…. so keep flexing baby!


6. Environmental science isn’t your thing unless you love analysing rocks but trust me spending 3 hours in a lab looking at the structure of a rock is boring! Maths is your thang girl. Focus on the numbers.

7. Enjoy the crazy all nighters but be careful, don’t be so naïve not everyone’s a nice person, protect your drinks and don’t go too mental… But then again you won’t listen, so…


8. Break ups will hurt but it gets easier every time you go through the pain, oh and it is painful but it’ll pass have a good cry then get back on your high horse because you are a strong independent women
9. Trust no one apart from your family, friends might say they’ll keep your secrets but they will never be kept a secret.

10. Last but not least believe in yourself, follow your dreams. Hard work will pay off patience is a virtue… you will hear this word a lot “patience” but when things do kick off it’s exciting… just like Christmas. Just wait, stay calm. It will be your time.


Outfit :-

Shirt Dress: Boohoo

Boots: Boohoo

Jacket: Primark ( Past Season)

Bag: Newlook

Choker :- Topshop

Photographer: https://www.facebook.com/chiaradifaziophotography/?fref=ts





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