10 Memories of my 1st year of Living in London


Going back to Hoxton where I first lived in London for this photoshoot it brought back many memories so I wanted to highlight 10 of them.

  1. The first room I rented, I thought it was fabulous, clean modern… But the view from the window was of a Brick Wall?! What was I thinking?
  2. Doing a flat share I didn’t know what to expect from the tenants they were nice but the boy, put it this way, every morning I got to endure the sound of him enjoy his own company a little too loudly.emma-photoshooting-hoxton-31
  3. Working as a full time waitress meant the parties were crazy… trust me the English white girl can not out drink the Polish, Italian, Hungarian and the Russians… Pretty pathetic actually
  4. I manage to get myself in the showbiz section of the Daily Mail online … We don’t need to go into that, it still haunts me.emma-photoshooting-hoxton-17
  5. I got to interview Back Street Boys Live World Wide on Google and I got to share the lift with Nick Carter… and his 4 body guards.
  6. My first ever paid modelling gig was in the first year of London and it was a pretty big gig being the face of Adidas Originals in JD Sports and Sports Direct.emma-photoshooting-hoxton-13
  7. I shaved my head so I looked like an ice gem… What?? I wanted to be different? It was cool and cold.
  8. I got the glimpse of being rejected… A lot, I called my Mum a lot and cried a lot but on the positive all the rejection has made me a stronger person.emma-photoshooting-hoxton-29
  9. This is where I took my first steps in my presenting career, learning the ropes at a local radio station and then having the opportunity of going to Love Box festival and interview some of my favourite DJ’s
  10. In the first year of living in London I got to so many cool events, London Fashion Week, Bon Jovi in Hyde park and many of these event ended up my trapping through the door at dawn.emma-photoshooting-hoxton-4
The First year living in London was extremely hard the culture change was massive, so many unfortunate circumstances occurred and being independent its not like you could run home for help. Its funny how things change for the better, I just took it on the chin and searched for the silver lining but on the positive the first year of London was a blast!

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